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Living Your Greatness

Mar 19, 2022

Dr. Nicole Adshead-Bell is a director at Cupel Advisory Corp. Nicole is a geologist with over 24 years of capital markets and minerals sector experience, including a dozen years cumulative as an independent director for TSX-, NYSE-, AIM- and ASX-listed companies, and an additional six years for a non-profit. 


Mar 16, 2022

Kelly Doell, Ph.D., is a mental performance consultant specializing in the mental side of active living. Kelly‚Äôs passion is in building tools and teaching strategies that help people find their fit in fitness and maintain it for life. 

A former university lecturer, he holds a doctorate in population health, a...

Mar 12, 2022

Chris Vermeulen is the Founder of The Technical Traders. Chris is an internationally recognized technical analyst and has been trading technical analysis exclusively since 1997. His mission is to help clients boost their investment performance while reducing risk exposure and portfolio volatility. 

Through years of...

Mar 3, 2022

Ben Mumme is the founder, curator, and podcast host of the Living Your Greatness Podcast. The purpose of the podcast is to inspire millions of people across the world to achieve greatness and enhance their overall personal well-being. 

Living Your Greatness is becoming the go-to resource that CEOs, elite athletes,...