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Living Your Greatness

Nov 26, 2021

Chris Adam directs the Sustainability Office at Dawson College. Chris has been recognized for his abilities in the field of education both nationally and internationally,  combining his background in wildlife & fish management, education, and leadership training. Chris was involved with the research and application of Sustainable Happiness, a concept pioneered by Dr. Catherine O-Brien. 

Chris coordinates the Living Campus platform at Dawson College, is the president of several public and private organizations, and sits on the board of the Dawson Foundation. His expertise is in communicating environmental issues to the public at large and engaging people of all ages in action projects that contribute to well-being for all. 

In this episode, Chris starts off by sharing his formative years growing up in Canada, how sustainability came into his life and what inspired him to become a sustainability coordinator. Chris shares his perspective on what sustainability means to him. Chris then speaks about the three pillars of sustainability and why the framework is important.

Over the past 20 years, sustainability education has grown dramatically throughout society. No longer limited to teaching sustainability in schools, colleges, or universities, it now takes place in homes, in boardrooms, in community meetings, and in volunteer groups. Chris shares what he believes is the best way to teach sustainability.

Chris is the pioneer and innovator of a living campus. Chris explains what is a living campus, what led to the birth of this concept, and How contributes to well-being for all. Students and staff at Dawson College have led some impressive living campus projects. Chris shares some of the great projects that his school community has created. Chris then shares the living campus projects he is most proud of.  

Chris speaks about why creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship are important skills when becoming a champion for sustainability. Chris shares his perspective on what is most important in fostering change for sustainability. Lastly, Chris provides his definition of greatness and what it means to him.


Host: Ben Mumme







Guest: Chris Adam



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