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Living Your Greatness

Dec 16, 2021

Jenny Grace is an American country music artist, songwriter, and military veteran. Jenny is a dynamic vocalist and has been compared to country greats Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, and Reba. Jenny made her musical debut when performing her song, “The Flame”. In 2019, Jenny released her catchy hit “Driving with the top down”, filmed in Hollywood, California. She has been applauded for her soaring vocals and authentic Nashville sound, backed by a band of top NYC musicians.

Jenny has received multiple nominations at independent music awards for “rising female vocalist”, “best song” and other categories. With her talent, drive, and heart It is only a matter of time until Jenny Grace becomes a household name. David Malachowski, former band-leader, and guitarist for Shania Twain said “Jenny is the best country singer I’ve played with since Shania. She has a huge, soaring, emotive voice that will stop you in your tracks. For her making it I believe it’s when not if”.

In this episode, Jenny speaks about her formative years growing up in the United States and how country music came into her life.  She talks about what inspired her to start playing country music. Jenny also shares what the best song is that she has ever released. 

Jenny has spent time singing at Yellow Ribbon events around the world for wounded veterans. In 2019, she visited the Nashville Veterans Affairs and inspired many with her hopeful song, “American Heart”. Jenny shares why the veteran community is so important to her. She then walks us through her creative process when writing new music. 

Jenny talks about her favorite country artist that she has ever collaborated with and explains why. She then shares what she believes separates a good country music artist from a great country music artist. Jenny shares the ritual that she follows before a performance and provides tips on how to get rid of nerves and performance anxiety. 

Jenny discusses her latest song "Lights of Our Hometown" and what the lyrics in this song were about. Jenny then shares which country artist she is inspired by and what qualities she admires about this person. Lastly, Jenny provides his definition of greatness and what it means to her.


Host: Ben Mumme


Guest: Jenny Grace