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Living Your Greatness

Jan 17, 2022

Kim Barthel is a bridge between the science of neurobiology, mental health, and everyday function. A proponent of “putting your mind in the mind of the other,” she teaches globally about understanding what is behind complex behaviour. Her specialties include attachment, trauma, addiction, sensory processing, movement and learning how we learn and how we heal.

Kim’s process of helping people to become behavioural detectives is based on 30+ years of actively integrating a wide range of trans-disciplinary perspectives, through both a scientific and a compassionate lens. Related to healing from trauma and abuse, Kim co-wrote the Canadian best-seller Conversations with a Rattlesnake with her close friend and fellow mental wellness advocate, Theo Fleury. It puts cutting-edge therapeutic concepts into language everyone can digest, and as a lived experience, it reveals the awesome power of attuned relationships.

In this podcast episode, Kim starts by talking about what inspired her to become an occupational therapist and do her post-graduate work in neurobiology and motor control. She then explains what is occupational therapy and which area of the field she is most passionate about. Kim no longer believes that; (1) Occupational therapists are here to fix people. Instead, they are here to support individuals in being the best that they can be throughout their lifespan. (2) Science is static. It’s not - what we know is constantly changing.

NHL Legend, Theo Fleury has called Kim the “Wayne Gretzky of therapy”. Kim shares her opinion on why he values her work and has such high respect for her. Kim tells the story about how she met Theo and what inspired her to co-write a national best-selling book with him. Kim then speaks about trauma-informed care and shares a time when she worked with a client who was exposed to trauma. She highlights the key steps that someone can take to create a safe environment of trust and respect.

With strong conviction, Kim has repeatedly said “The only person you can change is yourself.” Kim shares how you can support someone in becoming the best version of themselves. Lastly, Kim provides her definition of greatness and what it means to her.


Host: Ben Mumme







Guest: Kim Barthel






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