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Living Your Greatness

Jun 17, 2022

Mike Clay is a vocalist and songwriter born and raised in Montreal. He is the leader of Clay & Friends and the writer of “Going up the Coast” which was certified gold in May of 2021. 

Apart from Clay and Friends with whom he tours internationally (Prix de la Chanson Radio-Canada 2020, Selection Canadienne Printemps de Bourges, Socan’s Chanson de Populaire l’année 2020 and 2021, Nominated prix Felix-Leclerc, Nominated as l’Adisq Spectacle de l’année ), he co-writes extensively for other artists. Newly, he’s written on G-Easy’s ‘’Faithful’’, Kaskade’s “Love like that’’, Eli Rose’s collaboration with Banx and Ranx on “Caroussel” and FouKi and Alicia Moffet’s radio-hit ‘’Ciel’’ (certified platinum). He is currently writing with Soran (Bottled up), Laurence Nerbonne (One Love), Robotaki, Marie-Mai, Koriass, Bynon, Geoffroy, Zach Zoya and Arianne Moffatt with whom he recently got first #1 on Quebec Radio. 

Recently, he composed ‘’Côte à Côte’’ the theme song for Occupation Double, on which he appeared for a live performance. He was also a part of the title track for Star Académie ‘’Et C’est Pas Fini’’. He’s had a run of guest verses on the likes of Handsom Eli’s ‘’Mezcal’’, Caracol’s ‘’Infini’’ and Qualité Motel’s ‘’Rosée’’ All of which spent considerable time in the Quebec radio charts. 

In this podcast episode, Mike talks about his formative years in Canada and what inspired him to become a vocalist and songwriter. He shares what motivated him to start playing and creating music. Mike then speaks about Clay and Friends' most recent single “Bouge Ton Thang”. It has more than 1 million plays across all platforms since its release in May 2021. 

Mike has collaborated with many music artists like Jay Scott. He shares the qualities that separate a good artist from a great artist. He discusses what are the ways an artist can foster innovation in the music industry. Lastly, Mike provides his definition of greatness and what it means to him.


Host: Ben Mumme







Guest: Mike Clay






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