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Living Your Greatness

Jun 30, 2022

Trevor Hall is the President of Clear Creek Digital, an investor relations consultancy working with junior mining and mineral exploration companies throughout the world. The agency specializes in social media management, grassroots investor outreach, and new media production for companies exploring and developing projects focused on precious and base metals. 

In this episode, Trevor starts by speaking about his formative years and what inspired him to become a digital marketing consultant and podcast creator. Trevor then talks about his previous television business where he worked with well-established media companies such as Fox News, National Geographic, and Discovery Channel. He shares some stories from that time in his career.

Trevor then discusses what led to the birth of Mining Stock Daily. He then shares the most memorable interviews that he has ever produced. He provides insights on the greatest challenges that podcasters are facing today. Trevor gives his opinion on what separates a good podcaster from a great podcaster. Lastly, Trevor provides his definition of greatness and what it means to him.


Host: Ben Mumme







Guest: Trevor Hall



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