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Living Your Greatness

Jun 27, 2021

Amber Stratton is a Co-Founder of Pure Yoga, Pure Fitness, Pure Kitchen, Pure Life TV, Ritual by Pure, and Mentors Mindset. Amber has built with her partners a health and wellness brand that has become known as a lifestyle brand.

Amber has over a decade teaching yoga, where she runs teacher trainings, retreats and workshops worldwide. Amber is a keynote speaker, a Lululemon ambassador and has been a guest on various podcasts. The Pure brand first opened their doors in 2012 and under nine years has grown into four yoga studios, one fitness studio and four Vegetarian Restaurants.

Pure Yoga has been named “Best Yoga Studio” 4 times. In 2016, Pure Kitchen won the Best Ottawa Business Award for “Best New Business of the Year”.

In this Podcast, Amber shares how yoga came into her life and how it has had an impact on her. Amber then talks about why she decided to open a yoga studio. She also includes the qualities that she feels is important to build as both a studio owner and yoga instructor.

Amber explains the story of Pure Yoga and how it came to life. She talks about why the Pure brand is so important to her. Afterwards, Amber speaks on how her passions transformed into a full-time career. Amber then explains how her management team was successful at pivoting their business model to thrive in this new living reality.

Amber comments on how her brand understands the importance of connecting with each client on a deeper level. One of the reasons her businesses has been so successful. Amber then talks about what separates a good business from a great business. Amber gives advice for millennials who are starting out on their entrepreneurial journey. Lastly, Amber shares who are her greatest mentors, a favourite quote that she lives by and her definition of greatness!

Podcast Host: Ben Mumme

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