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Living Your Greatness

Jul 23, 2021

Jen Beauchesne is Race Director of the Beau’s 5K for Ovarian Cancer Canada. In 2006 she helped her family start up Beau’s Brewing Co, a multi-award-winning craft brewery in Eastern Ontario. Jen is currently working on Beau's marketing team as a communications specialist. 

Jen has a BA from York University, and studied Brewing Technology at the Seibel Institute in Chicago. She is the author and contributing editor of more than a dozen guidebooks for women entrepreneurs. Beau’s makes some of the tastiest organic craft beers in Canada, so I wanted to find out who was behind all this beer-making magic. 

In this episode, Jen tells the story of how Beau’s Brewery was created by the Beauchesne family. Also, she talks about her involvement with the company as the head of marketing and communications.

Beau’s is a proud environmental leader in sustainable craft brewing. In fact, Beau’s the first certified B-Corp brewery in Canada. Jen then explains what inspired Beau’s to have sustainability as a core value of the business. She then talks about the quality of the beer, the brand and customer relations.

Beaus understands the importance of building a great team culture and healthy work environment, making a real effort to bring out the best of each employee. Their employees are treated like family. Jen shares Beau’s secret sauce when it comes to motivating and engaging their employees.

Jen then talks about her favourite beer story that Beau’s has produced. She then shares the worst mistake that Beaus made when producing a beer and what they did to rectify it. Jen explains the difference between a good and great brewery.

Jen recommends her top three Beaus beers for people to try. She also comments on what her favourite Canadian beer is after Beaus. Lastly, Jen shares her definition of greatness.

Podcast Host: Ben Mumme

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