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Living Your Greatness

Jul 29, 2021

Tuan Nguyen is a purpose-driven, heart-centred dude, goofy dad, tech entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor and three-time TEDx Speaker. He is the founder of HealthGenie, a multi-million dollar firm serving private health organizations with business advisory services, lead generation, and communications and leadership training.

Tuan has delivered over 400 speaking engagements across the globe on entrepreneurship, corporate culture, leadership and volunteerism. With gratitude for his life and the community that saved his family, he has been committed to giving back to his community his whole life.

In this episode, Tuan starts off by defining what it means to be an entrepreneur and what exactly they do. Tuan then speaks on why he enjoys teaching kids about entrepreneurship. It is never too early or late to become an entrepreneur. Tuan provides the qualities that is needed for someone to build both an entrepreneur mindset and skillset. 

Tuan then speaks about why some entrepreneurs have a great product but do not know how to market it. He shares an example how he organized networking events for the business community and successfully raided 1 million dollars for charity. Then, he explains why he was trusted to advise individuals, corporations on how to motivate, mobilize and develop leaders  in the community. Tuan talks on how you can create a vibrant, thriving community.

In one of Tuan’s TEDx Talks, he mentions people become a stronger professional and person just through acts of volunteerism. He then talks about how someone can learn great skills from volunteerism. Tuan then speaks on what the key is to success and happiness. Lastly, he defines greatness and what it means to him.

Podcast Host: Ben Mumme

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