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Living Your Greatness

Aug 11, 2021

Corey Robinson is a former member of Canada’s National Wrestling Team who has also served as both a national and provincial coach of Olympic freestyle wrestling. 

Corey is the head trainer and speaker with Motivate Canada, a Canadian non-profit organization that empowers youth through sports and recreation. He is passionate about teaching young people how to overcome adversity. 

Corey works in the delivery and design of helping Olympic and National level athletes draft their personal stories in order for them to effectively share their gifts with young people to inspire them to set and achieve "smart goals", push through obstacles and choose to live faithful and healthy lifestyles. 

In this episode, Corey starts off by talking about how wrestling came into his life and reaching an olympic level. He also speaks about his involvement with Motivate Canada. 

A lot of athletes have been through a situation where they set a goal, work hard towards achieving that goal and then don’t get the result that they were hoping for. Corey shares how he has dealt with failures and how he successfully moved forward and let go. Corey has coached many athletes. He shares his opinion on what separates a good athlete from a great athlete.

Corey is passionate advocate for living a healthy and holy life. He shares how he became passionate about living his faith. Corey is someone who values his family and friendships. 

Corey talks about the challenges that his relationship had to endure and how he and Kate managed to overcome these challenges. Corey speaks on his alcohol addiction and shares what inspired him to overcome this toxic lifestyle habit.

Corey explains why has helped many troubled and abused young men work through many issues; inspiring them to be resilient, overcome adversity and choose to live a purposeful life. 

There are many social pressures that men face; demand for strength, income, emotional regulation. Corey shares some ways that women can support men as allies. He then gives advice on how men can embrace vulnerability, create strong relationships and live life to their fullest. Lastly, he shares a list of mentors and provides his definition of greatness.