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Living Your Greatness

Aug 27, 2021

Michael Gentile is a Portfolio Manager, Strategic Investor, Board Member and Advisor. With close to 20 years of Investment Management experience, Michael spent the last 3 years being an active strategic investor in the metals and mining sector, where he took an active role in transforming and reinvigorating high potential exploration companies through 19.99 percent ownership stakes, board appointments or strategic advisory roles. 

In August 2021, Michael became a founding partner and senior PM at Bastion Asset Management (BAM). Bastion offers fundamental bottom up long short equity strategies to institutional and high net worth investors. BAM is committed to excellence on all levels, with a strong alignment of interest investing our money alongside clients and committed to give back to our community. 

Michael is currently a strategic advisor to Arizona Metals and a director for Northern Superior Resources, Roscan Gold, Solstice Gold and Radisson Mining. Michael is a CFA Charter Holder and graduated with Great Distinction from the John Molson School of Business (Concordia University) in 2003.

In this episode, Michael shares what led him to a career as a portfolio manager, strategic investor, board member and advisor in the precious metals and mining space. Michael believes the stock and bond markets have hit all time highs and monetary policy has contributed to this. He also thinks the bull market for most stocks in the market is drawing to an end.

Michael thinks central banks are caught between a rock and a hard place. He explains the conundrum that we are currently facing. There is an unwavering conviction about unwavering conviction about the previous metals pace at this juncture of monetary and fiscal policy. For the benefit of all investors, Michael then suggests how to allocate your money across the precious metals space.

As there has been a lot of attention about Newfoundland this year, mining companies like New Found Gold Corp, stock prices have increased significantly. Michael shares which company his is most bullish on in this jurisdiction. Lastly, Michael talks about his top investment ideas before year end and shares what is his definition is of greatness.

Podcast Host: Ben Mumme

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