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Living Your Greatness

Aug 31, 2021

Brianna Miller is a semi-pro rugby player for Team Canada. She has been with the Canadian 15s Team since 2016. Brianna played in the World Cup in 2017 in Ireland when Canada placed 5th and currently has 21 caps for Canada. She is still training with the Team as they hope to compete at the 2021 World Cup in New Zealand.

She is a four-time RSEQ conference all-star and two-time all-Canadian during a five-year university career with the McGill Martlets (2011-2014) and Ottawa Gee-Gees (2015). Brianna also helped Canada win bronze at the 2013 FISU Summer Games rugby sevens tournament in Kazan, Russia. Brianna Miller completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education.

In this episode, Brianna shares how rugby came into her life and which coaches helped her become a national athlete. She then comments on how an athlete can move forward when an athlete failed to achieved a goal that they had set. After playing against world-class rugby players, Brianna explains what she believes separates a good athletes from a great athlete.

Brianna then speaks about the coaches and athletes that she admires in her life. She then comments on the greatest challenge that most professional athletes are facing today. Brianna shares how she manages her athletic responsibilities and other recreational and non-recreational activities. 

Brianna then talks on what she has learned about teamwork from past experiences on sports teams. She then comments on how she keeps her teammates feeling positive and motivated during the hard times. Also, Brianna shares what are her preferred pre-games, locker room and post-games routines. Lastly, Brianna explains what she looks for in a great coach and then defines what greatness is to her.

Podcast Host: Ben Mumme