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Living Your Greatness

Oct 15, 2021

Mel Bellissimo is an entrepreneur, a professional Muay Thai coach, a father, and most importantly, a student of life. 

Mel founded Decorus Life, offering leadership & life coaching services to bring clarity and a deeper sense of connection for men who manage a nutso amount of responsibilities. Mel co-founded DudeBuddha, where he provides consulting services to gyms, schools and recreational facilities in setting up Muay Thai programs. 

Mel has been part of the Muay Thai community for over 20 years. He was at the helm of a successful MMA school in Toronto for over 11 years where he supported thousands of people from entrepreneurs, founders and children. Whether in or outside the ring, the ability to control the impact of emotions in order to achieve clarity and focus under stress is a major factor to winning. 

In this episode, Mel talks about how entrepreneurship came into his life and what qualities someone needs to become an entrepreneur. He then discusses what separates a good entrepreneur from a great entrepreneur. Mel shares his biggest failure and what he learned from his experience. Mel talks about how May Thai entered his life and who are his greatest mentors. He then talks about the Decorus Life and what led to the birth of this business. Mel explains what exactly is a clarity coach.

In order to have a balanced life, we must balanced ourselves. Mel speaks about the Decorus Morning routine and how someone can start off their day right. Additionally, Mel highlights how someone can be intentional with their time and energy so they can achieve balance in their life, have more fun and create meaningful relationships.

Mel about another project that he has started called Dude Buddha; a website for men to share their thoughts and feelings about business, fatherhood, health/wellness, relationships and wealth. Lastly, Mel provides his definition of greatness and what it means to him. 

Host: Ben Mumme







Guest: Mel Bellissimo




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