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Living Your Greatness

Oct 31, 2021

Justin Huhn the founder and publisher at Uranium Insider Newsletter. Justin has been researching the uranium market for the past four years and has thousands of hours of research under his belt. Justin has been trading the markets for close to a decade, having learned to invest with technical trading; more specifically, trend-following.

Justin was taught by a long-time veteran momentum trader who took him under his wing. This combination of in-depth fundamental analysis in the uranium sector and experience with technical analysis gave birth to the Uranium Insider newsletter. Uranium Insider has been an incredible experience of community, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share and grow with his subscribers and fellow contrarian investors.

In this episode, Justin talks about why the Uranium spot prices have shot up 56% this year and what exactly is driving this price increase. Justin then comments on Craig Perry's prediction that Uranium spot prices will hit $80.00/pound by year end and what factors could derail the momentum to these prices. 

Justin shares his opinion on the push to cleaner energy or to a carbon free energy world and whether there is a two-way government support in the US for uranium. Bill Gates has said “The next energy miracle is nuclear energy”. Justin shares why he believes it helps to have an advocate like Bill Gates for nuclear energy.

Justin explains why the old uranium spot price per pound was  challenged in the past and why it fell from a high of $147.00/pound after 2007/2008. Justin then shares whether the current move to decarbonization is too aggressive and if this situation could swing the pendulum back from uranium to increased oil and natural gas usage.

Justin provides a golden prediction on how long he thinks it will take for uranium to return to spot price of $147/pound. Justin speaks about his greatest mentors and gives advice where investors go to better educate themselves before making any investment decisions. Lastly, Justin provides his definition of greatness and what it means to him.


Host: Ben Mumme







Guest: Justin Huhn