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Living Your Greatness

Nov 17, 2021

Theo Fleury is a former professional hockey player. Theo played for the Calgary Flames, Colorado Avalanche, New York Rangers, and Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Theo scored over 1,000 points in his career, placing him 61st in career NHL scoring and won the Stanley Cup in 1989 with the Flames.

Theo is also a best selling author. He wrote a book called “Playing With Fire” where documents how he became a star player, Stanley Cup Champion and 2 time Olympic gold medalist despite battling drug addictions that ultimately ended his NHL career.

In this podcast episode, Theo starts off by sharing how hockey came into his life and describes what it was like to be part of a championship team and win the Stanley Cup.

Being one of the smallest players in the NHL, some hockey fans believed that Theo was one of the biggest underdogs. He was a 5’6 winger and played at a time where big men and enforcers dominated the game of hockey. Theo talks about why size did not matter. 

Theo played with some of the greatest hockey players of all time. Theo shares what he believes separates a good hockey player from a great hockey player. He also shares his perspective on what makes a great leader.

Theo speaks about what inspired him to write Playing With Fire. Since the launch of this book, Theo has helped millions of people heal, overcome trauma and share many of the issues that they were struggling with. Theo gives mental health fitness tools that he has used to help cope with trauma and move forward with his life.

Vulnerability is strength and not a weakness. Being vulnerable can help someone work through their emotions. Vulnerability fosters good emotional and mental health. Vulnerability also is a sign of courage. Theo shares how someone can embrace vulnerability as their greatest strength. Theo also shares how he removed toxic habits from his life.

Theo talks about who the most influential person has been in his life. Lastly, Theo provides his definition of greatness and what it means to him.


Host: Ben Mumme







Guest: Theo Fleury