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Living Your Greatness

Mar 19, 2022

Dr. Nicole Adshead-Bell is a director at Cupel Advisory Corp. Nicole is a geologist with over 24 years of capital markets and minerals sector experience, including a dozen years cumulative as an independent director for TSX-, NYSE-, AIM- and ASX-listed companies, and an additional six years for a non-profit. 

Nicole's career includes CEO of a gold mining company, long-short fund research management, investment banking (>20 M&A transactions and >C$1.8Bn in equity/debt financings), sell-side equity research, specialist geology consulting and geology research.  Her diverse background in capital markets, the minerals industry and as a mining executive and independent director has provided insight into the common traits of successful and unsuccessful companies of all sizes. 

Nicole’s extensive on-site due diligence, on more than 250 mineral projects (including precious/base metals, uranium, lithium and iron ore) and involving the integrated assessment of geological, engineering, metallurgical, financial, social, political and environmental risks, has resulted in a first-hand appreciation of positive attributes and red flags.

Nicole has an extensive global network with company management teams/boards, industry professionals, sell and buy-side, and has built a reputation for having a broad understanding of how the dynamic mining sector functions at all points in the cycle. 

In this podcast episode, Nicole starts off by sharing what inspired her to first become a geologist. She then talks about why she is one of the few geologists that turned into a strategic investment advisor. Nicole has a deep understanding of both the company builder side and capital builder side. This has contributed to her strategic advisory, due diligence and research services to institutional funds and mining companies. 

Nicole shares what caught her attention when she recently attended the BMO Global Metals & Mining Conference. As Nicole has worked with many exceptional mining companies, she speaks about her experience working with world-class mining entrepreneur, Keith Neumeyer (CEO of First Majestic Silver). Rick Rule, former president and CEO of Sprott Inc., believes Nicole is an upcoming personality in the mining and natural resource sector. Nicole shares why she thinks that she earned respect from one of the top investors and speculators in this investment space.

Investing in junior mining stocks involves substantial risk and high volatility. But when you invest in the best ones, you can reap massive profits. Investors often talk about their winners but rarely their losers. Nicole discusses when she hit a home run and when struck out.

To make a smarter buy decision, an investor must increase their probability of success (people, project, strategy, promotion, cost of capital, catalysts, people). Nicole explains how a retail investor can have great success when investing in junior mining stocks. She then speaks about the positive share price catalysts that an investor needs to be aware of. 

The best investors in all spaces know how to sell a stock the earliest. Nicole talks about how an investor can become better sellers and keep their emotions out of play. Additionally, she discusses how an investor can foster a contrarian mindset and spot a world-class mining entrepreneur. As Nicole has worked with many high-profile investors, she talks about what separates a good investor from a great investor. Lastly, Nicole provides her definition of greatness and what it means to her.


Host: Ben Mumme







Guest: Nicole Adshead-Bell




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