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Living Your Greatness

Apr 30, 2022

Lorelei Higgins is the Community Lead for the Anti-Racism work with the City of Calgary and consults on Indigenous relations matters. She also has experience working as a Cultural Mediator, Rotary Peace Fellow, and Positive Peace Activator. As a Métis Canadian, Lorelei comes by her peace-building roots naturally. She has led conflict transformation projects globally, with a focus on Indigenous human rights. Lorelei is also Mrs. Canada Globe 2021 and will be one of the longest-serving Mrs. Canada's to date, with 18 months by the time she crowns the next one. 

In this podcast episode, Lorelei starts off by speaking about her formative years growing up in Canada and what inspired her to become an empowering woman and leader. She then talks about why she is so passionate about peacebuilding and what the word means to her. Lorelei then gives advice on how someone can become a change-make and peacebuilder to successfully build peace in their community. Also, she explains how peace conversations can be a way of increasing connectors and decreasing dividers in any community.

Lorelei has participated in many prestigious national leadership programs and has worked with many leaders. She then shares her opinion on what separates a good leader from a great leader. Lorelei has won Mrs. Canada Globe 2021 competition, a pageant for Ms./Mrs. Women who are married, separated, divorced or widowed. It also raises money for a charity addressing women’s empowerment. Lorelei shares what it meant for her to win. She also explains what it means to win as a Métis woman from Canada.

Lorelei is married and a mother of two kids. She provides advice for aspiring young mothers to have a work/family life balance. Lastly, Lorelei provides her definition of greatness and what it means to her.


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Guest: Lorelei Higgins



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