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Living Your Greatness

May 9, 2022

Peter Krauth is a former portfolio adviser and a 20-year veteran of the resource market, with special expertise in precious metals, mining and energy stocks. He is an editor of two newsletters with Resource Maven to help investors profit from metal market opportunities: Silver Stock Investor, and Gold Resource Investor.

In those letters Peter writes about what he is buying and selling; he takes no pay from companies for coverage. Peter has contributed numerous articles to, BNN Bloomberg, the Financial Post, Seeking Alpha, Streetwise Reports,, TalkMarkets and Barchart, and he holds a Master of Business Administration from McGill University.

In this podcast episode, the conversation starts by celebrating Peter’s success in publishing “The Great Silver Bull”. The purpose is to help investors crush inflation and profit as the dollar dies. In the first week of launching, it has become a best-selling book on Peter shares what inspired him to write the book. 

As silver is a generational opportunity, Peter shares his strong convictions about why silver will be the trade of the decade. There are many great reasons, silver, not gold, became the first truly international currency. Peter talks about the unique properties of silver that make it an ideal form of money.

Silver matters today as central planners, past and present, have negatively impacted the money supply. Peter explains the strategies that central planners have used, and continue to use, to try and climb their way out of huge debts. The story always ends badly for investors who don’t see it coming.

Silver is considered an irreplaceable metal as it is both a monetary and industrial metal. Peter speaks about how this will raise silver demand and provide a rare opportunity for investors to make huge gains from silver investments. As there are distinct factors that drive silver and silver investments, Peter explains the different ways we can arrive at the same peak target price for silver. 

As there are many ways to invest in silver, Peter talks about the ideal way to build a silver investment portfolio. He then discusses the five secrets to managing risk. Peter provides advice on how someone can foster a contrarian mindset and know more about silver than 99.9% of investors. Lastly, Peter provides his definition of greatness and what it means to him.


Host: Ben Mumme







Guest: Peter Krauth





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