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Living Your Greatness

Oct 12, 2022

Ben Mumme is the founder, curator, and podcast host of the Living Your Greatness Podcast. The purpose of the podcast is to inspire millions of people across the world to achieve greatness and enhance their overall personal well-being. 

Living Your Greatness is becoming the go-to resource that CEOs, elite athletes, professional coaches, and entrepreneurs rely on to upgrade themselves. The podcast helps you master the best of what other people have already figured out.


In this episode, Ben talks about how you can invest in yourself and change your life’s potential. Investing in yourself means making small, continual improvements that enable you to do more, be more, grow more, and love more.

Each little improvement can lead to immediate opportunities and long-term positive change. These improvements can help you earn more money, discover the career you always wanted, follow your dreams, and uncover hobbies that fill you with joy.

The more time you invest in yourself will lead you to become an exponentially more interesting person. Here are 15 ways you can invest in yourself and change your life for the better.

  1. Set Goals
  2. Develop a Routine
  3. Manage Your Time
  4. Engage in Creative Activities
  5. Be a Continuous Learner
  6. Exercise Daily
  7. Save Your Money
  8. Invest Your Money
  9. Find a Mentor
  10. Spend Money on Experiences
  11. Eat Healthily
  12. Sleep and Wake Up Earlier
  13. Seek Discomfort
  14. Take Pride in Your Appearance
  15. Love Yourself

With these tips, you can successfully reach your potential and change your life for the better!


Host: Ben Mumme







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