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Living Your Greatness

May 28, 2021

Chris Temple is editor and publisher of The National Investor. He has had an over 40-year career now in the financial/investment industry. Chris is a highly-respected guest on radio stations, podcasts, blogs and the like all across North America.

Chris has the ability to help average investors unravel, understand and navigate today's markets is unparalleled; and his ability to uncover "off-the-radar" companies is remarkable. Chris has appeared in Barron's, Forbes, Wall Street's Best Investments,, Palisade Radio, Mining Stocks Education and Mining Stock Daily.

In this podcast, Chris talks about how he was introduced to the precious metals and natural resources. Chris comments on Ray Dalio's recent statement on inflation concerns over federal spending and the impact it has had on the economy. He also shares his opinion on what will happen to the precious metals in the short-term future. Chris disagrees with Goldman Sachs. He believes Bitcoin is not an investable asset but rather a speculation. 

Later in the podcast, Chris discusses how millennial investors should allocate $20, 000 across the precious metals space. Lastly, he predicts which commodities will perform best and what top stock recommendations to watch in 2021.

Podcast Host: Ben Mumme

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