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Living Your Greatness

May 11, 2021

Peter Krauth is a former portfolio adviser and a 20-year veteran of the resource market, with special expertise in precious metals, mining and energy stocks. He is editor of two newsletters to help investors profit from metal market opportunities: Silver Stock Investor and Gold Resource Investor. In those newsletters, Peter writes about what he is buying and selling; he takes no pay from companies’ coverage. Peter has contributed numerous articles to, BNN Bloomberg, the Financial Post, Seeking Alpha, many other investing news publications. Peter holds a Master of Business Administration from McGill University.

In this podcast, Peter comments on Warren Buffet's recent statement that “We are seeing very substantial inflation". Peter talks about the central banks as they have taken unprecedented monetary policy decisions and have impacted the economy. Peter shares with listeners how to understand the silver to gold ratio,  protect their wealth during uncertain times, gain confidence before investing in precious metals. 

Peter also discuses how a millennial investor could invest $10,000 into the silver space, the future of silver backed cryptocurrencies and the top lessons that he has learned from investing in the silver space. Lastly, Peter predicts which commodities will perform best in 2021 and which silver stock picks to keep on your radar.

Podcast Host: Ben Mumme

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