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Living Your Greatness

Sep 28, 2021

Mia Wenjen is an entrepreneur who is the co-creator of Mulicultural Children’s Book Day, Co-Author of “How To Coach Girls', and Co-founder Aquent.

Mia is passionate about parenting, education and children's books and writes about these topics at Mia graduated from Harvard College cum laude in history and science in 1987 and earned an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management in 1993.

Mia talks about her formative years and how did entrepreneurship came into her life. Mia then speaks about what led to the birth of Aquent, a talent agency for people who perform creative work. While studying at Harvard, Aquent ranked #12 on the Inc. 500 list when Mia was 26 years old. Mia then discusses what separates a good entrepreneur from a great entrepreneur. Mia then shares how she successfully transitioned into a work at home mom. 

Mia's children are one-quarter Japanese-American, one-quarter Chinese-American and one-half Korean American. It is one of the reasons Mia is committed to promoting diversity, multicultural and inclusive books to children. This inspired Mia to start Multicultural Children’s Book Day. Mia explains the positive impact that literature celebrating diversity has on children during their formative years.

Mia recently launched a book called "Changing The Game". She shares why she wrote the book and what we can learn from reading it. In this book, Mia features 18 Asian Pacific American female athletes that have an incredible story behind their athletic accomplishments. Lastly, Mia defines greatness and what the word means to her. 

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Guest: Mia Wenjen





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