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Living Your Greatness

Mar 16, 2022

Kelly Doell, Ph.D., is a mental performance consultant specializing in the mental side of active living. Kelly’s passion is in building tools and teaching strategies that help people find their fit in fitness and maintain it for life. 

A former university lecturer, he holds a doctorate in population health, a master’s in sport, physical activity, & health intervention, and is a professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association. 

Kelly’s worked in the health & fitness industry in a variety of capacities, including in sales, on the fitness floor, and as a loyalty consultant. His podcast, Happily Ever Active, is currently the top exercise psychology podcast in Canada.

In this podcast episode, Kelly starts by sharing how fitness came into his life and what mentors have helped him fall in love with fitness. Kelly then explains in detail what is a mental performance is to him and what area in this field is passionate about most. As the motivational interviewing play’s a big part in his profession, Kelly talks about the mental fitness tools he has used to help clients makeover their motivation to move and live happily ever active. 

Kelly then speaks about his book called “Feel Like It” and what sparked his fire to have the motivation to write it. He believes people need to stop relying on willpower when thinking about their relationship with fitness. Instead, he thinks they need to define their “Mighty motive” for more fulfilling fitness.

Kelly explains how someone can inject more purpose into their fitness journey. He then gives advice on how someone can sustain an active lifestyle long enough to get the benefits that experts like to rave about. Lastly, Kelly provides his definition of greatness and what it means to him.


Host: Ben Mumme







Guest: Kelly Doell





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