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Living Your Greatness

Oct 21, 2022

Ben Mumme is the founder, curator, and podcast host of the Living Your Greatness Podcast. The purpose of the podcast is to inspire millions of people across the world to achieve greatness and enhance their overall personal well-being. 

Living Your Greatness is becoming the go-to resource that CEOs, elite athletes, professional coaches, and entrepreneurs rely on to upgrade themselves. The podcast helps you master the best of what other people have already figured out.


In this episode, Ben talks about how mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness. You can have a healthy, flexible, and lean body but can lack a healthy and flexible mind. For this reason, an emerging trend is gaining traction called mental fitness.

Mental fitness is defined as a state of well-being and having a positive sense of how we feel, think, and act. There are three ways to go; keeping up with stress and anxiety, becoming dull and unable to find interest in anything, or maintaining your mind sharp and active for as long as possible.

Just as there are components to physical fitness, there are components to mental fitness. These are known as the four pillars of mental fitness.

The benefits of developing strong mental fitness:

1. Being present

2. The ability to respond, not react

3. Improved cognitive function

4. Increased positive emotions of optimism

5. More confidence

6. Ability to develop positive habits in all areas of life

7. Improved sleep

One of modern neuroscience’s most exciting findings is that our brains are neuroplastic, meaning that they can change. The way that we think and behave can strengthen or weaken specific neural pathways. This means that we can influence the structure and functioning of our brains to maximize our mental well-being.


Host: Ben Mumme







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