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Living Your Greatness

Dec 21, 2022

Jake Karls is the co-founder and Rainmaker at Mid-Day Squares. His team is here to build the world's next-largest Chocolate Company.

Jake was recently selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 List of 2023 in the Food and Drink category. When celebrating this achievement, he was chosen to ring the closing bell at the Nasdaq and appear on the billboard in Times Square NYC.

Over the last 4 years, Mid-Day Squares has built a fully automated chocolate factory. Mid-Day Squares sell its chocolate bars in over 4,500 stores across North America and have officially sold over 13 million chocolate bars.

The secret ingredient to Mid-Day Squares’ vegan chocolate brand is viral content. Jake, along with his cofounders, Lezlie Karls and Nick Saltarelli, star in TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube videos, sharing the behind-the-scenes entrepreneurial drama.

Jake's purpose in life is to make people feel something deep inside, to spread good energy, and to show the world that you can win by being yourself every day. Jake passionately inspires others to be unapologetically themselves.


In this episode, Jake starts by talking about his formative years and what inspired him to become a Co-Founder and Rainmaker of Mid-Day Squares. 

In his earlier years with the company, he called himself a rover. Over time, this role has evolved into what he calls now a rainmaker. Jake explains what is a rainmaker and how it can have an influential impact on the branding of any business. 

Jake then speaks about how he has leveraged social media, storytelling, and digital media tools to bring brand visibility to Mid-Day Squares. 

Every CEO knows it is not easy to run a family business. Jake and his family made the intelligent decision to actively participate in business partner therapy. Jake shares some of the fitness tools, practices, and routines that he has learned from this experience. 

Mid-Day Squares plans on building the world’s next-largest chocolate company. Jake talks about when this dream will come true and he will officially be identified as the modern Willy Wonka by billions of people across the globe.

Jake then discusses how a chocolate brand can stand out from the rest and make the shift from good to great. Lastly, Jake provides his definition of greatness and what it means to him.


Host: Ben Mumme






Guest: Jake Karls





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