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Living Your Greatness

Dec 27, 2021

Ashly Winchester is an FKT athlete, a writer, and a mountain guide. Ashly has a long history of participating in endurance sports, most recently breaking into the realm of fast-and-light mountaineering. Combining ultra-distance running and this form of mountaineering has allowed Ashly to take on speed records previously untouched by women. These skills and experiences have led her to become a mountain guide, where she is able to lead people up mountains and educate them in mountaineering skills. 

Ashly is also passionate about empowering women in the outdoors, and has started a podcast, and is spearheading a community to help inspire more women to find their passions outdoors. This community and podcast, called Women Of The Wild, will be the foundation on which Ashly creates guided trips and retreats for women, by women. 

In this episode, Ashly starts by talking about her formative years and how endurance sports, the great outdoors, and writing came into her life. She speaks about when she decided to combine her passion for adventure with her love of running and endurance challenges. Ashly then describes what exactly is the fastest known time (FKT) athlete is and what inspired her to become one. She explains how she earned the reputation as the Queen of FKTs.

Ashly shares how she initially met Jason Hardrath and what she admires most about her relationship with him. She has now completed 50 FKTs to date. Each mountain that she has climbed has its own unique challenges. Ashly discusses what mental fitness tools that she has fostered to help overcome any challenges.

Ashly talks about what has been her most memorable FKT. Despite Ashly’s successes as an FKT athlete, she has also had countless failures. Ashly shares some life lessons that she has learned from spending so much time in nature. Lastly, Ashly provides his definition of greatness and what it means to her.


Host: Ben Mumme







Guest: Ashly Winchester 




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