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Living Your Greatness

Jun 27, 2022

Luke Alexander brings extensive resource sector experience, knowledge and contacts to Newcore Gold, particularly in West Africa. He has raised billions of dollars and structured deals for major mining companies while advising some of the world’s top institutional investment funds. Luke began his investment banking career in the private client group at BMO Nesbitt Burns in Toronto, then started up an equity trading desk for Toronto Dominion in London before doing the same for National Bank.

In 2008, he became a senior partner at GMP Securities in London. Throughout his investment banking career, he helped fund many major resource projects in West Africa. In 2018, Mr. Alexander founded Park Road Capital, a Vancouver-based, natural resource-focused consulting company where he continued to leverage his relationships in London.

In this episode, Luke starts by talking about his formative years and what inspired him to become the president and CEO at Newcore Gold. He then talks about the gold mining industry in West Africa and why it has always been important for Ghana. 

The journey of a mining company from exploration to sale is not easy. It takes a leader with vision, knowledge, capital, and especially social skills to navigate the hurdles and pitfalls in order to move their projects forward to be successful. Luke shares his opinion on what it takes to become a world-class mining entrepreneur. 

Drilling is one of the most important but expensive stages in mineral exploration. It is drilling that locates and defines economic mineralization, and drilling is the ultimate test for all the ideas, theories and predictions. Luke talks about how the company plans on proving the value of drilling. 

When evaluating a junior mining company, one mental model that should be applied is “Skin In The Game”. Newcore Gold’s management team and board own 27% of the company. Luke discusses other ways to build a better resource investor mind. He also speaks about what separates a good investor from a great investor. Lastly, Luke provides his definition of greatness and what it means to him.


Host: Ben Mumme







Guest: Luke Alexander






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